Our School - a short description in English

KGS-Hermülheim, Deutschherrenschule is a Primary School with about 270 pupils aged 5 to 10. We have 3 Grade 1 classes, 2 Grade 2 classes, 3 Grade 3 classes and 3 Grade 4 classes. Our 24 teachers teach the boys and girls in Literacy, Numeracy and other basic Mathematics, in English, Science, Arts, Physical Education and Religious Education (with emphasis on the Roman Catholic Theory). 4 of our teachers are special needs teachers for our children with special needs like for example learning difficulties, physical handicaps or emotional difficulties.

We also offer our children a range of special courses like for example French and Spanish, Gardening in our School Garden, Science Workshops, Cooking, School Choirs…

Most children stay in our Day Care Centre (OGS) where they get a warm meal after lessons. Then they do their homework under supervision. After homework they are offered a variety of activities, for example Reading Club, Girls Group, Boy Group, Soccer and other Sports or learning instruments in cooperation with the local school of music – or they simply play with their friends.